HH2I Profile Chokes NOM 4″

Our HH2I Model is a conventional needle and seat type choke which is available in both positive and adjustable configurations. It is manufactured in 3000 PSI, 5000 PSI, and 10,000 PSI pressure classes and features a maximum orifice size of 3”. The design of this choke is based on the popular Cameron® H2 and features full interchangeability of parts. The main feature of this choke is the internal acme thread in the choke body which allows for a significant reduction in weight of component parts used in the assembly. The HH2I is a great choke when a reliable large bore choke is required. The 3M/5M model is supplied with a conventional stem while the 10M model features a pressure balanced stem which provides for lower operating torques.


  • Body max orifice NOM 4” bore
  • Positive and adjustable operation
  • Design pressure 5M CWP/10M CWP
  • Factory tested to 7,500 PSI and 15,000 PSI
  • Trim alloy, SS, SS w/tung carbide, inconel, stellite
  • APl or ANSI rated end connections
  • Bonnet nut internal acme threads
  • Needle and seat design, conventional & balanced stem
  • O-ring bonnet to body seal
  • Metallic seat gasket
  • 316SS and inconel inlay available

Features and Benefits

  • Hammer union nut with forged lugs
  • End connections: flanged, butt-weld, and hammer union
  • H2S and standard service application
  • Easily converted from positive to adjustable
  • Bleed port in body to relieve pressure
  • Adapter allows use of big john and FC-140 beans
  • Acme threads on hammer nut and body
  • Packing available high temp or low temp
  • Stem acme thread to prevent galling
  • Indicator in 64ths increments PVC, aluminum, delrin, and SS material
  • Seat and bean slotted for easy removal and installation
  • Assembly: alloy steel, 410SS, and duplex
  • Grease fitting in bonnet for lubrication
  • Choice of centerline dimensions
  • Parts interchangeability with choke or original MFG

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