Model HSI choke 15,000 PSI

The model HSI 15,000 choke assembly is the perfect choice for fracturing and flowback applications. It is rated at 15,000 PSI design working pressure and outfitted with the ever so popular 1502 union to allow for easy installation and removal. The HSI choke features full interchangeability of parts with the same choke manufactured by others and utilizes the common OTC type N seat and FC-140 flow bean. This is a big advantage in that these replacement parts are common supply store items and easy to locate. Make the HSI 1502 assembly your choice when you require a simple yet reliable choke assembly. Houston Oilfield Equipment, Inc. also carries a full line of replacement parts and choke beans for both the positive and adjustable models.

Features and Benefits

  • Positive and adjustable operation easily converted
  • Supplied with fully lined seats
  • Outlet end with choke saver sub
  • 2” 1502 end connections male and female
  • Forged steel body 4130 75K
  • Single piece bonnet
  • Stem w/ large diameter safety stop
  • Indicator aluminum, PVC and delrin
  • Centerline dims industry standard
  • Hammer nut design for easy removal and installation
  • Employs common FC-140 flow bean and type N seats


  • 15M CWP design pressure
  • Standard service factory tested at 22,500 PSI
  • H2S service factory tested at 15,000 PSI
  • ¾” and 1” orifice sizes
  • Trim material alloy steel, SS, SS w/tung carbide
  • 1 ⅛ – 12NF autoclave tap in body optional
  • Body design angle 90 degree
  • Flow beans FC-140
  • Sizes 4/64 – 64/64ths
  • Choice alloy steel/tungsten carbide and stainless steel tungsten carbide

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