FMC Profile Chokes

Houston Oilfield Equipment, Inc. manufactures chokes of the FMC profile ranging in pressure classes from 2,000 PSI CWP to 15,000 PSI CWP. These chokes feature full interchangeability of parts with those of original manufacturer and in a wide variety of end connections, which include flanged, threaded, butt-weld, and union ends. The flanged models are available in both API and ANSI type flanges. Assemblies may be supplied in alloy steel, 410SS, and duplex materials. The design of this choke is time proven and has been used in the oil and gas industry for many years. It is appealing due to its simple yet rugged design, with all of this at an affordable price.

Adjustable Chokes

Model CWP End Connections Trim Size
H-29 2,000 LPT ¾, 1
HN-60 5,000 LPT, Union, BW ½, ¾, 1
HFT-116 5,000 Flanged X LPT ½, ¾, 1
HN-62 5,000 Flanged ½, ¾, 1
HJWA 5,000 Flanged, Union, BW ¾, 1
HJWA 10,000 Flanged, BW ¾, 1
HJWA 15,000 Flanged ¾, 1

Positive Chokes Max Bean Size 1″ (64-64ths)

Model CWP End Connections
HFT-108 5,000 LPT, Union, BW
HFT-116 5,000 Flanged X LPT
HT-1 5,000 Flanged
HPC 5,000 Flanged, Union, BW
HPC 10,000 Flanged, Union, BW
HPC 10,000 Flanged, BW
HPC 15,000 Flanged

Flow Beans for Positive Chokes FC-140

Material Size Range
Ceramic/Alloy 4/64 – 48/64
Alloy/TC 4/64 – 64/64
SS/TC 4/64 – 64/64
SS Dril Thru 4/64 – 64/64
Alloy Dril Thru 4/64 – 64/64
Inconel/TC 4/64 – 64/64

Note: A choke wrench is required for installation and removal of choke beans.

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