We at Houston Oilfield Equipment, Inc understand the importance of supplying our customers with quality products. The customer should always expect to receive a quality product at a competitive price, and that is what we deliver at Houston Oilfield Equipment, Inc. We use only premium raw materials which are obtained from proven and reliable sources that feature full traceability and documentation.

Once raw materials arrive at our facility, they are inspected by our quality assurance team and then received into inventory before being released to manufacturing.

All manufacturing and assembly jobs are closely tracked with traceability by means of our manufacturing software program, which allows us to monitor all phases of operation, both in process and final inspection. This allows for complete control during the manufacturing process so we can constantly improve our customer service and maintain a high level of quality.

We have maintained a comprehensive quality program which is applicable to industry standards. Internal and external audits of our quality system are routinely performed in order to comply with the requirements of API 6A and ISO 9001. In addition, we often work closely with various TPIA (Third Party Inspection Agencies) who are directed by our customers to witness the assembly/testing and final inspection of our choke assemblies prior to shipment. We are committed to producing quality products for our customers.

Please contact us today, as this is what you can expect when you select Houston Oilfield Equipment, Inc. for your next choke requirement.

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