Houston Oilfield Equipment warranties products of our manufacture one year from date of shipment to the extent that Houston Oilfield Equipment will repair or replace any products of defective workmanship proven under normal use and service. No other warranty is expressed or implied. We specifically are not responsible for damages or injury, direct or indirect, or for damages or failures caused by improper installation, operation or misuse.

Goods or parts thereof, not manufactured by us, are guaranteed only in accordance with the manufacturer’s guarantee and only to the extent that we are able to enforce it.

All claims for in-transit shortages, damages or erroneous charges must be made within thirty (30) days from receipt of shipment and must be accompanied by the packing list(s) covering shipment.

Houston Oilfield Equipment strives to pack and prepare all shipments so that they will not break, rust or deteriorate in transit but do not guarantee against such damage.

Upon request,Houston Oilfield Equipment will provide engineering and/or technical information regarding its products and their uses and, if feasible, will

provide personnel to assist purchasers in effecting field installations and/or field service. Any such information, service, advice or assistance when provided, whether with or without charge, shall be advisory only. It is expressly understood that Houston Oilfield Equipment assumes no liability for damage or loss arising out of, resulting from, or caused in whole or in part by such information, service, advice or assistance so provided.

Houston Oilfield Equipment reserves the right to change or modify the design and/or construction of any Houston Oilfield Equipment product in due course of manufacturing procedure without notice and without incurring any obligation to furnish or install such changes or modifications on products previously or subsequently sold. Any other representation, warranties or conditions, expressed or implied, relating to materials, equipment or services provided by Houston Oilfield Equipment are excluded, unless specifically agreed in writing by Houston Oilfield Equipment.

All sales made by Houston Oilfield Equipment, unless otherwise agreed to in writing by an executive officer of the Company, are made subject to each and all of the foregoing conditions and the placing of an order or the acceptance by the customer of the above said conditions.


New, unused products of our current manufacture may be returned for credit, provided a written request is received within eighteen (18) months after the purchase date. Special or discontinued and/or obsolete products are not returnable for credit. Restocking charges may apply and will be determined at time of request.

Requests for the material should show original purchase order number, invoice number, description of material and date of purchase.


Houston Oilfield Equipment, Inc.
9669 Port Errol Dr., Houston, TX 77095


Material returned for credit shall be shipped via prepaid freight to our specified destination. The credit allowed on returned goods is a merchandise credit and applicable only against purchases of our products. Credit will be allowed under the above conditions at the original price, or at a subsequently adjusted price.