HOE, Inc. Long Nose Heater Chokes

Look to Houston Oilfield Equipment, Inc. for your next long nose heater choke application. Whether it is for a high pressure application or just a basic low pressure economy type heater choke, we have you covered. Our 6500/7800 PSI economy choke is very popular in that it is designed after the legendary Thornhill Craver type and offers full interchangeability of parts. Next in our line-up is the model TB-10, which is a 10,000 PSI model, also available with single bolt couplings, just like that of the Thornhill Craver choke assembly. This allows for easy assembly and removal of choke assembly both in the shop or the field. Perhaps the most important feature of the TB-10 is that it bears the same centerline as that of the Thornhill Craver. This makes it a great choke when a replacement choke is required. Last of all is our model HH2, which gives the customer a large bore choke at an affordable price. It is available in orifice sizes of 1”, 1 ½”, +2” with a variation of end connections.

Long Nose Heater Chokes

Model CWP End Connections Trim Size
Economy 6,500 LPT, Socket Weld ½, ¾, 1
Economy 7,800 LPT, Socket Weld ½, ¾, 1
TB-10 10,000 BW, Coupling Ends ½, ¾, 1
HH2 5,000 LPT, BW, Coupling Ends ½, 1 ½, 2
HH2 10,000 BW, Coupling Ends 1, 1 ½, 2

Features and Benefits

  • Field weldable material 4130 75K
  • Choice of end connections
  • Easily actuated pneumatic, electric
  • Choke of orifice and trim materials
  • Indicator in 64th inch
  • Body angle design
  • Available nace or standard service
  • Safety pressure relief in body
  • Blank plug available for testing
  • Cage trim available 3” NOM

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